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/>Membership is open to the public and provides access to our indoor shooting range.

Membership dues are paid annually and are only $50 per year. Since the Club is affiliated with and relies upon the National Rifle Association for training and range grants, there is a surcharge of $10 per year for membership if you are not an NRA member.
Link to Membership Form

Due to the physical layout of the building, the range is limited to small caliber arms.

The shooting range in the basement is suitable for Rim-fire rifle (22LR) and non-magnum pistol shooting, is used by the Club, and for sponsored activities such as Hunter Safety and Concealed Carry Classes.

Magnum, Steel, exploding ordnance, and other penetrating ammunition is NOT Safe.

For safety reasons, if there is any other use of the building (upstairs), then the range is limited to pellet guns.